Finalists 2022

Brand Content
Brand Content is a content and PR agency with CSR at its centre. Following a series of personal challenges, its CEO spearheaded a pregnancy loss policy which has subsequently inspired other companies to follow suit. Brand Content also launched education for clients on the importance of inclusion.

RainbowBiz CIC
RainbowBiz CIC delivers a wide range of fully accessible, free community programmes to promote inclusion and equality. Wellbeing projects include gardening, walking and social groups which minimise isolation and create stronger community connections between people of various cultures.

Tiny Rebel Ltd
Tiny Rebel Ltd is a family-owned brewery with its own community champions, the ‘Rebel Hearts’. 10% of the company’s profits each year are committed to social responsibility purposes, for example partnering with the Helping Caring Team to donate 5,000 hot meals annually.

Wales Hate Support Centre, Victim Support - Hate Crime Charter
The Wales Hate Support Centre, delivered by Victim Support, launched the first ever Wales-wide Hate Crime Charter to bring victims’ rights to the forefront. 50 organisations have signed up to help create a better environment, receiving information from the specialist team to support victims.

Esgusodwch fi?
Esgusodwch fi? is a weekly podcast voicing the perspectives of the LGBTQ+ community through the medium of Welsh. Starting with current affairs, it then welcomes diverse guests to discuss important topics within the community to enlighten, inform and encourage more LGBTQ+ voices.

Financial Changemakers 
Financial Changemakers is aimed at those keen to learn and embrace diversity and inclusion in their life and business ethos. The podcast highlights the need to make businesses a safe space to address issues and approach diverse views in order to make an industry change.

Everyday Young Carers - YMCA Swansea Young Carers Project
Everyday Young Carers is a podcast by the YMCA Swansea Young Carers Project which raises awareness of the challenges faced by young carers. It empowers and encourages inclusive, safe discussion between young people to talk about their stories and help others understand.

KeyCreate provides inclusive, accessible storytelling workshops for people with additional needs, disabilities and life-limiting conditions. A diverse range of people benefit from the gift of music, creativity and sensory exploration at KeyCreate, feeling belonging and compassion in the welcoming community and joyful environment.

Neurodivergent Matters
Neurodivergent Matters offers online workshops and training about neurodiversity to break down barriers within the workplace for neurodivergent people. Founder Monique designs the training based on their own experiences, helping participants to develop a real understanding and put in place support techniques.

Dan Biddle - National Diversity Employment and Advisory Service LTD
Daniel Biddle set up the National Diversity Employment and Advisory Service, a bespoke client recruitment agency specialising in inclusive recruitment. Following life-changing injuries from the 7/7 bombings, he has dedicated his life to seeing a change surrounding disability, mental health and inclusion.

Disability Arts Cymru / Celfyddydau Anabledd Cymru
Disability Arts Cymru (Celfyddydau Anabledd Cymru) has been supporting disabled and deaf creatives through art for 40 years. It launched the ‘Disabled People’s Cultural and International Manifesto’ to ensure disabled people have the right and opportunity to develop their creative and intellectual potential.

Hijinx Theatre
Hijinx Theatre is the only Welsh provider of professional performance training for neurodivergent actors, training 70 actors across its five academies. A leader for sectoral change, Hijinx Theatre is also educating the industry to increase representation and employment for neurodivergent performers.

KeyCreate provides inclusive, accessible storytelling workshops for people with additional needs, disabilities and life-limiting conditions. Participants benefit from the gift of music, creativity and sensory exploration, uniting with others to feel a sense of belonging. New outdoor equipment is allowing more to enjoy diverse workshops.

Jake Sawyers
Jake Sawyers is an ambassador for blind and partially sighted people in Wales. He recently contributed to the Royal National Institute of Blind People Cymru’s campaign, creating a drag transformation video to challenge perceptions and talking about the importance of inclusion and identity.

Beth Hales
Beth Hales led an inspirational campaign for equality of healthcare for women in Wales, specifically for endometriosis, which is now on the Senedd’s Petitions Committee agenda. She gathered nearly 6,000 signatures on a petition to see the appropriate level of funding allocated.

BHF Cymru
BHF Cymru launched a campaign to raise awareness of heart attacks in women in Wales, tackling the bias and health inequalities which leave women at a disadvantage. Its lobbying resulted in the Minister for Health and Social Services to commission a Women’s Health Quality Statement.

Chwarae Teg - Not Just For Boys Initiative
The Not Just For Boys initiative by Chwarae Teg gives girls the opportunity to discover different, non-stereotypical career choices at a young age. The initiative gives them the chance to meet role models from different sectors and try roles they might never have considered before.

Monumental Welsh Women
Monumental Welsh Women is a mission to commemorate the achievements of Welsh women by delivering five public statues, the first two being Betty Campbell and Elaine Morgan. It aims to normalise female ambition and inspire the next generation by showcasing past success.

Women's Equality Network (WEN) Wales - Diverse5050 Campaign
The Diverse5050 campaign by the Women's Equality Network Wales aims to change the representation of black, Asian, ethnic minority, LGBTQ+ and disabled women in Welsh politics. As a result, the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru committed to implementing legally-binding gender quotas to embed equality into parliament.

Damian Kerlin
Damian Kerlin is an LGBTQ+ blogger and journalist who has created a community which provides support and connections for LGBTQ+ parents and families. A same-sex parent and adoptive advocate, he volunteers and is the face for the National Adoption Service’s ‘Choose Family’ campaign.

Deaf Cymru Pride
Deaf Cymru Pride is raising awareness and driving equality for the deaf LGBTQ+ community in Wales. A safe space for the community, the Deaf Pride event provides exposure for deaf talent while allowing allies to celebrate not only pride but deaf culture and identity.

DrMz LGBTQ Youth Group
DrMz LGBTQ+ Youth Group allows young people to explore their identity in a safe, inclusive environment. Offering the opportunity to connect with other young people in a similar situation, as well as positive LGBTQ+ role models, the group provides support for the whole family.

Homelessness and LGBTQ+ People in Gwent Research - Tai Pawb / Trans Aid Cymru / Dr. Neil Turnbull / Dr. Edith England / Gwent Local Authorities
The Homelessness and LGBTQ+ People in Gwent Research was led by Tai Pawb and Trans Aid Cymru to help Gwent local authorities improve support for LGBTQ+ people facing homelessness. Designed by Dr Edith England and authored by Dr Neil Turnbull, the research will have a lasting impact.

YMCA Swansea GoodVibes LGBTQ+ Youth Group
GoodVibes is an inclusive LGBTQ+ youth group based at YMCA Swansea. Building friendships and a sense of belonging, the group provides a safe space where identities are respected and supported. Projects see members become peer educators, being role models and advocates of positivity.

Equal Power Equal Voice Mentoring Programme
Equal Power Equal Voice Mentoring Programme aims to increase diversity of representation in Wales, bridging the gap between marginalised groups and public and political systems. Currently more than 90 mentees are being trained to achieve their ambition of campaigning for change in Wales.

Ogi plans to represent the rich diversity of the communities it serves, embedding changes throughout the business. With training and strategies led by its people experience team, Ogi is improving opportunities for everyone and ensuring staff are looked after individually.

RNIB Cymru Community Connection Team
Royal National Institute for Blind People Cymru’s community connection team has created an extensive peer support network for blind and partially sighted people. Helping them access services, socialise and pursue their interests, the team tackles isolation by offering various different groups reflecting members’ needs.

Diverse Cymru
Diverse Cymru’s Cultural Competency scheme is a unique initiative which seeks to improve mental health service outcomes for the BAME community. Embedded into the future by the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales, the scheme now has more than 90 participants improving their knowledge and understanding.

Michelle Alexis
Michelle Alexis is committed to being a voice for underrepresented groups. Because of her work, Cardiff University is a more inclusive and understanding employer. Michelle’s Talking Anti-Racism events encourage discussions and action change, something she is recognised for in the wider community through her valued consultancy.

Melvin Jehu MBE
Melvin Jehu MBE has continually championed equality, inclusion and diversity throughout his private and professional life. Instrumental in promoting equity of services for all and a founding member of Race Council Cymru, he has received national recognition for his leadership and commitment to improving the community.

Zero Racism Wales
Zero Racism Wales is campaigning for a commitment to a zero-tolerance policy to racism. Every Welsh local authority has signed up to the campaign, with organisations signing up to the policy to agree to promote a more inclusive and equal society.

Bhavdeep Bola
Bhavdeep Bola is the co-founder of the 93% Foundation’s only active Welsh branch, helping state-school-educated pupils who attend universities in Cardiff reach new career opportunities. In the first quarter of 2022, Bhavdeep has increased membership by 400%, subsequently changing the lives of many young people.

The Community Impact Initiative CIC
The Community Impact Initiative CIC delivers community regeneration projects to disadvantaged communities in South Wales, helping unemployed people gain life-changing skills and qualifications. The renovated properties are then sold as affordable housing and the profits reinvested to continue the cycle of community growth.

Faye Hannah - Ffilm Cymru Wales
Faye Hannah is Ffilm Cymru Wales’ head of skills and training who spearheaded the company’s ground-breaking social mobility programme, Foot in the Door. Providing 300 opportunities in Newport this year, it supports people to use their transferable skills to enter creative industries.

Nirushan Sudarsan
Nirushan Sudarsan is only 22 but has developed the Youth Forum to ensure young people’s voices are heard. He is bringing about meaningful change by playing an active role in tackling employment, representation and quality of life through the Community Jobs Compact.

DoNoHarm Wales is campaigning for the NHS to address the bullying and racism directed towards medical staff. By using their own personal experiences, the team has put together a 10-point plan to support others and raise awareness of the issue within the profession.

Green Hat Consulting Ltd
Green Hat Consulting launched its Under the Hat campaign to address the stigma around mental health in the construction sector. It implemented a company wellbeing strategy which includes flexible working, training, mentoring and more, as well as working with clients to spread more awareness.

Whitehead Building Services
Whitehead Building Services wants to normalise more construction workers talking about their mental health. Fully integrating its mental health policy into the lives of its employees, it offers a training programme and mental health first aid team to fully support team wellbeing.

The winner of this award will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 13th July 2022.

Dr Tony Malone
Dr Tony Malone is the secretary general of the World Buddhist Scout Council and the ScoutsCymru commissioner for Inclusion for Wales. Throughout his career, he has saved lives through his equality and human rights work, helping draft laws and found important support and visibility networks.

Bernie Davies LLB Hons CLE
Bernie Davies is not only a multi-award winning entrepreneur, speaker, author and advocate, she is a role model to women in business. A change-maker and support to marginalised entrepreneurs, her work with various organisations has helped change the landscape of diversity in Wales’ business industry.

Nirushan Sudarsan
Nirushan Sudarsan developed the Youth Forum to ensure young people’s voices were heard. Even at only 22, he is bringing about meaningful change by playing an active role in shaping employment and quality of life in Wales. He is leaving a lasting legacy of change in his many community roles.

Hijinx Theatre
Hijinx Theatre showcases a world where the arts and society can be fully inclusive of neurodivergent people. It offers training and invaluable experiences to 70 learning-disabled and autistic actors as the only organisation of its kind in Wales, changing perceptions and generating positive change.

Melvin Jehu MBE
Melvin Jehu MBE has continually helped the community become more inclusive, equal and diverse. His work with various organisations has been instrumental in promoting equity of services for all. In 2015, he received an MBE for being a ‘true pillar of the community’.